8 Unusual Home Décor Ideas


Do you feel that your home needs something new to bring it out of the ordinary? Do you want to do something when it comes to décor design that everyone will think that is insane?! How about building a kitchen island entirely out of Lego’s? Or putting a part of your car on the wall?! With the next amazing décor ideas, you can decorate your home in a unique and unusual way. All you need to do is to get ready for some different opinions from your friends, but let’s face it, they will all secretly like them. Stay true to yourself and show off your creative personal style with these eight unusual home décor ideas.

1. Magnetic Knifes

These magnetic knifes are the real deal. It looks amazing and at the same time you will have your personalized hook. Cut everything starting with your hallway, kitchen or living room. I’m just kidding!!


via Supermarkethq

2. Unusual Coffee Cups

No, these are not the most used buttons in the world! These are coffee cups specially designed for not so morning persons. Personalize your kitchen with the help of these amazing coffee cups.


via Thinkgeek

3. DIY Lego Kitchen Island

You will need around 20.000 pieces to cover the entire island and lots and lots of patience. Your kids will love this for sure!


via Dwell

4. Vintage Power Switch

This amazingly designed switch helps you reinvent electricity in every room. Every time you flip the wood lever you will feel in another time and is a perfect décor for any home. The most important attribution of this switcher is that it fits almost any standard switch plate.


via Uncommongoods

5. Mini Cooper Wall Hanging

One of a kind decoration that fits perfect to that passionate car owner. Just follow this example and give that unique touch to your kitchen with this one of a kind wall decoration.


via Home-designing

6. Prozac Jar To Store Different Things

Here’s a funny way to store your meds, or even to scare your friends when they see a full jar of “Prozac” in the bathroom. Unusual design for a jar, but we want something usual in this days?


via Jonathanadler

7. Handmade Kiwi Shaped Candles

These sweet looking candles are perfect to decorate your table. They look like a real kiwi fruit, and this is all because of the amazing handmade painting and the good wax.


via Etsy

8. Colorful Ski-Lift Chair

A utilitarian and artistic chair that was made from a re-purposed ski chair-lift.


via Iainclaridge