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5 DIY Projects to Decorate your Garden with!

Today we are going to introduce you to a few projects close to our hearts. And they are all about how to decorate your garden or backyard. Because we thought that we could use some outdoor inspiration, now that the warm weather is here to stay. So let’s take advantage of it, get outside, and get […]



8 DIY Outdoor Lighting Projects to Use in Your Garden

When it comes to our gardens or backyards, I think it’s a true fact that we pay them far less attention that they deserve. And why is that? Well, because when you take the priorities of the house and put them in order, it is only natural that the interior comes first. And usually, after […]


5 DIY Hanging Garden Projects You Need to Check Out!

Spring has come and we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather. How? By going out and getting our hands dirty, literally. We decided to look up some interesting projects that will liven up your home and life. And how better to do that than with the actual life of beautiful plants and herbs. […]


Make Your Own Garden Stepping Stones with These 8 DIY Projects

Even though Spring is still a month away, we thought that an early welcome is not that bad of an idea. And what better way to welcome the warm seasons back than paying a bit of attention to your garden? Today we are going to show you a few amazing and fun projects of how […]


DIY birdhouse projects you need have in your backyard!

With the New Year approaching and time for resolutions coming upon us, we decided to help you with yours. If you were planning to improve something about yourself in the new year, this is the article for you. We thought that we should start the new year by thinking of someone other than us. And […]


7 Ways to Wear Headscarves this Summer

In my early days of rebel teenager, I used to wear hippie-like bandana all the time…even if it was too hot in the summer. It was plain simple, I just took a soft scarf and put it on my head, and that was it – nothing fancy at all! But after years and years, fashion got […]