5 DIY Doghouse Projects for the Special Pet in Your Life!

I think that it’s safe to assume that all of our readers are animal lovers, in one way or another. And it doesn’t matter if you like cats, dogs, fish, lizards, or any other type of pet. Just the fact that you love and take care of another being, (all this besides your friends and family) […]


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12 Adorable Pictures with Cats and Children

If you ask me, pets are essential when having children. It’s a good way to prepare them for life, actually, step by step. Giving pets to your children means that you teach them subtly having something to care about, or even to love, to be responsible, to take care of the loved one, and a […]



5 Zoo Born Baby Animals That You Can Visit Anytime

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10 Homemade Cat Toys

If you’re a cat person, this article is made for you. If you’re a dog person, stay tuned, there will be one for you as well, so don’t worry! You can always turn yourself into the world of cats! So let’s take a scenario. You just got a new cat or kitten, and you want […]


Turn an Old Table Into a New Pet Bed

Give a new life to that old table that’s sitting in your garage for ages. Want to find out how? Just flip the table upside-down! Transform a boring table into an elegant and original pet bed. Add a little bit of color with some paint and a comfortable pillow and your pet will have the […]