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Hilarious Comics that Truthfully Describe Relationships

Relationships are interesting. They constitute such a huge part of our life and yet sometimes we take them for granted. They are made and kept through hard work, passion, communication, and sharing. And we can all admit that in some moments, they can seem like a whole lot to take in and work for. But […]



Top 5 Seinfeld Moments We Have All Experienced in Real Life

Seinfeld is and will be the best TV series in my book. First, because it is different from any other TV series in existence. It is really a show about nothing (fans will understand) more than real life. There are real life situations which we all confront ourselves and wish for a better result. And […]


14 Hilariously Weird Facts About Pets

There’s a new thing trending all over Twitter, started by Jimmy Fallon and his hashtag idea of #MyPetIsWeird. I don’t blame him, the idea is fantastic, especially if you have a pet of your own. Users all over the world posted any facts about their pet’s weird behavior. Who doesn’t like silly videos on Youtube […]


13 Stunning Food Art that Will Sure Make You Drool

Have you finished your breakfast, lunch or dinner? No? Too bad, because we’re about to show you amazing food art that will sure make you hungry as you’ve never been before. It all started with the Japanese’s small food portion taken out as a lunch box, also known as bento. This usually contains rice and […]