10 Homemade Cat Toys

If you’re a cat person, this article is made for you. If you’re a dog person, stay tuned, there will be one for you as well, so don’t worry! You can always turn yourself into the world of cats! So let’s take a scenario. You just got a new cat or kitten, and you want to improve your play time with them. You can take a break from the classic laser, and listen up. Get a pair of scissors, some glue and some material and pay attention to what you’re going to see.

We assure you that creating your own cat toys will be much funner than you think. Just imagine your lovely feline watching you, curious as it already is in general, and excited of what it’s anticipating. There are plenty of crazy toy ideas that you can craft in your home, in front of your lovely cat. Just be careful to your kitten, you don’t want it to play with your glue! We’re going to show you 10 essential homemade cat toys that you must try when having a cat, and we mind you – it’s very cost effective!

Paper Roll Toy 

This one could be a great fit for over-curious cats. Made from toilet paper rolls, this toy is great for teasing (in a good way, obviously) your cat. The holes are irresistible, and we bet that your lovely pet will have a great time discovering what’s in each one of them. You can always improve them by putting a little “present” or surprise in there.

Via “fourwhitepaws”


Scratch Pad

Let’s face it, scratch pads are essential for a home with cats – if you don’t want to turn your couch into one, apparently. You will find out that it’s quite easy to build your own scratch pad, and we assure you that the quality will be over the top.


Via “Design Sponge”

Cat Scratching Post

Talking about scratcher pads, here’s one, sufficiently improved, that will take your cat’s breath away. Made out of cardboard, this cat scraper is designed to make your cat feel like King Kong and not to mention; it’s a great ornament for your house as well!


Via “Maison Kuotidien”

Feather Stick

Another essential toy for felines. IFind out how quickly you can make your own. We promise you, your cat will be thrilled!


Via “Dream a Litter Bigger”

Goodies Stick

Another great stick-related idea. Just grab a stick, and place whatever suits your cat, and whatever you think it will hype up and fully energize your cat!


Via “Joy the Baker”

Cat’s Home

This one here could turn into your number one house attraction. Just take a look here, get inspired and get yourself and your cat a new warm home!


Via “Moments to Live For”

Cat Tent 

…or maybe you want something more exotic for your wild feline!


Via “Practically Functional”

Fishing Pole

Back to the “stick” series, here’s another funky looking toy that will sure craze your cat (into joy, obviously).


Via “We-Made-That”

Hole-Wall with Catnip Bubbles 

A great little box in which you can place your catnip bubbles made from the material. As we already know, cats are crazy about catnip, so why not make it into a little game of adventure?


Via “Cathie Filian”

Catnip Pillow

What can be better than a comfy pillow for cats? A catnip pillow, obviously!


Via “Jersha & Dup”

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