11 Ingenious Tips to Stop Wasting Food

Did you know that you are tossing every day away in the trash a pretty large amount of money? How do you ask? By wasting a lot of food! Learn how to recycle your food instead of wasting it with these 11 budget-friendly tips.

Freeze and Preserve Herbs

Combine olive oil and herbs in an ice cube tray and freeze. You will have fresh herbs also during the cold season.


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Salad Dressing Using the Last Bit of Mayo

Add fresh herb, spices and olive oil in the mayo jar, even if it’s almost empty ad the jar lid and shake, shake, shake! Your salad dressing is done!


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Use Pantyhose to Store the Onions

Make your veggies last longer by storing them in pantyhoses. By storing the onions like this, they will last up to eight months.


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Mix Chocolate and Milk to Create a Delicious Drink

Add milk over the last bit of chocolate from the chocolate jar, stir well and you will have the most delicious drink ever.


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Make a Delicious Banana Bread

Use overripe bananas and make a delicious banana bread. IF you don’t have enough bananas, you can store them in the freezer until you have the right amount for your favourite recipe.


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Keep Your Bananas Fresh

Stop the bananas from browning by wrapping the stem in plastic wrap.


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Onions and Potatoes Don’t Go Well Together

Prevent early sprouting when it comes to vegetables (potatoes) by storing them with an apple. Make sure that you don’t store the potatoes together with the onions.


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Rinse Berries with Vinegar

Prevent and avoid berries to mold by rinsing them with vinegar. You don’t have to worry! The berries won’t taste like vinegar at all!


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Stop Wasting Sticky Substances

Stop wasting honey and maple syrup! Use a little bit of oil and coat the measuring cup before adding sticky substances.


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Make Croutons Out of Stale Bread

Turn all that stale bread into delicious croutons. Eat them together with salads, soups or use any other combination that you prefer.


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Store Nut-Butters Upside Down

Store the nut butter upside down so that the thick line of the oil to remain at the bottom of the jar. This way when the jar is empty there will be no nut butter at the bottom of the jar.


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