11 Veggies You Can Regrow Again and Again from Scraps

You don’t have the needed space for that perfect veggie garden you’ve always dreamed off?! The time spend at work doesn’t allow you to grow and take care of that green garden you so desperately need? No problem! Stop wasting some of your veggies by tossing them in the trash and start regrowing them from scraps. Give a new life to those veggies you so love even when you realize that they are useless. Regrow veggies in your very own kitchen and have fresh greens all the time when you are cooking. Add a little magic to your kitchen by creating that perfect organic veggie garden and regrow lettuce, basil, celery and sweet potatoes. A little bit of time, sunlight, water and of course patience will do the trick! Teach your kids the meaning of recycling and also how to regrow veggies from scraps!

Regrow Onions from Onion Bottoms

You can create an endless onions supply without buying any seeds or bulbs. With a little bit of patience, you will have a beautiful green bed of onions in no time!


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You will need healthy, plump ginger roots. You have to break the roots into chunks to form some awesome buds. Add the ginger overnight in a bowl of water.


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Sweet Potatoes

Did you know that you can grow sweet potatoes from plants? No seeds, no bulbs! You can buy sweet potato plants online or in garden stores.


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Grow Lemongrass

Lemongrass is used in Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. It is used because it brings a citrusy flavor to the food. Delicious!


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You can regrow cilantro in flower pots. You have to be careful to give it a lot of light and also plenty of water.


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This celery regrowing idea is so simple! All you have to do is to cut the celery stalks from the celery base and use it in your normal way!


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You won’t grow carrots actually from carrot tops, but you can use carrot tops in a science project to teach your kids that these tops have everything they need to grow a new plant.


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Fast and cheap you can regrow romaine lettuce as it follows: stick the root end into a pot or in some dirt. Water and a lot of patience!


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Take the garlic budding clove or the entire bulb and place it in a bowl or a cup. Try using a see-through bowl or cup because it will help you a lot to see the water inside and also how the roots are growing.


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Regrow Basil

You will need a basil plant from where you can cut the stems, a sharp blade, a glass of water, pots for placing the stems with roots.


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Green Onion

Use green onions! With a sharp knife cut the green stalks@ Leave about one inch from the bulb! Add the bulbs in a clear glass with water. Add the glass in a sunny place and change the water regularly.
Repeat the process over and over again!


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