13 Practical Solutions for Storing Things in Your Home

Children’s toys, care products, household chemicals, lots of shoes… and so many other things. We buy so many stuff that we need on our daily life and to maintain comfort in our home but those thinks become at some point to many stuff laying around the house.  Sometimes, we do not realise how to make the home both beautiful and comfortable, and the result of cleaning should not disappear the next day. But now everything can be different. Bellow you can find 13 practical solutions and at the same time easy-to-implement ideas for your home.

1. Create a “sock chart” so that you can find the other pair when it gets lost.

2. Store your pans so that you can have easy access to them.

3.Make a key and envelop rack.

4. Store your sunglasses using a clothing rack.

5. Store your jeans easily in your closet and at the same time keep the organize.


7. Store your shoes in transparent containers so that you can find them easily.

8. You can create your own way to storage pans and other kitchen supplies.


10. Organize a plac for little kitchen items that are stored in all the wrong places.

11. Organize a “creative” rack for all those creativity items.

12. Organize all your fruits and veggies using small baskets.

13. Place a dish dryer over the sink. This will help you avoid clutter due to water leaking from the plates.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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