16 Porch Ideas that will have you craving for Summer

I have to start by mentioning that, while writing this article, I imagined myself on not one but almost all of these porches. On a breezy Spring or Summer day, with an iced coffee next to me and the laptop in my lap. How about this for a perfect work environment? Well, thanks to the lovely community at Houzz.com, I hope in today’s article to share with you the same feelings and get you all excited about decorating your outdoor patios if you haven’t already.

So today’s article is all about inspiration and creativity. And you can take this inspiration literally and as it comes. This because, if you follow the link below the pictures, you can buy many of the items appearing in the photos. Which is the easiest and fastest way to get something out of this article. But, there is also the DIY way, where you only let yourself get inspired by what you see below and then you start creating. From small decor elements and arrangements to maybe creating even your very own piece of furniture, you can do it all just by getting a small dose of inspiration at the right time.

And this is usually my goal when I start an article in which my main goal is to inspire people. I hope that anyone who reads this first of all likes at least one of the options that I bring forward. If you like an idea, then you might get inspired and get an idea of how to decorate your own space in your very own house. Then, you can get all excited and can’t wait to start working on this new project. And, in the end, you end up with a wonderful project which you enjoy and which will improve your home and living. And that is all we hope to accomplish with this type of article.

I will leave you now with a gorgeous collection of 16 examples of beautiful outdoor porches. Decorated in every style you can possibly imagine and some that you might not have dreamed of yet. We hope you enjoy and let me know in the comments which is your favorite!

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