17 Inventive Cleaning Hacks to Help You Change the Way You Clean

If cleaning chores really stress you out, these 17 cleaning hacks will for sure change the way you clean and give you some anxiety free time while you’re cleaning. These cleaning hacks are quick and easy to follow! The best part is that you won’t have to go out to the local store and get different cleaning products for different furniture items, appliances, and electronics or for the bathroom and kitchen separately. Most of these cleaning items are inexpensive, and you can find them in your home.
These cleaning hacks will for sure transform your life and you absolutely cannot afford to miss them. Each and every hack mentioned below brings something new and different to cleaning methods.


Fluffy Swiffer Socks for Your Floors

Clean your floors by walking. Walk around your house in fluffy Swiffer Socks. These cozy socks are fat, fluffy and dense which help picking up dust particles from the floor as you walk. Take them off once you’re done walking around the house. You cleaned the floor by just having feet! Plus you got a little bit of exercise as well.

Woolen socks on the cotton carpet

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Dust with a Lint Roller

Use a lint roller to dust. Running a lint roller over lamps, shelves and mantles, helps to pick quickly up dust particles of the furniture and in the meantime, you can vacuum any carpets, mats and rugs. And you can do this all at once.


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Use Furniture Polish on Your Appliances

If your fridge, electric kettle or any other piece of furniture has started to look dull, spray furniture polish on it to make it shiny again. Use this on your fridge or even your coffee table, or your dresser. Just don’t use it on the floor as it might cause you to slip.


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Scotch Tape Its Not Just for Taping Different Things

If you’ve spilled crumbs or have been eating dinner or lunch on your carpet while you were watching TV or just relaxing on the floor, use tape to pick up the crumbs. Put tape on the bits and pull it off, all the crumbs and other dust particles get attached to the tape. It’s so easy and quick. You can clean also your laptop keyboard using scotch tape.


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Soap and Water to Clean Your Blender

To clean your blender, simply blend soap and water for a few seconds and then rinse thoroughly with water a few times to remove the soap.


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Clean Nail Polish Stains

If you’ve spilled nail polish on your carpet, use rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth to remove the nail polish stain from the carpet.


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Remove All Hair Using a Squeegee

If you suffer from hair fall, or notice a lot of hairs on your carpet, use a squeegee to remove all the hair. It works like a charm for pet hairs.


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Clean the Coffee Stains from Your Carpet

Spilled coffee? No problem, use baking soda to clean coffee stains. Sprinkle some baking soda on to the stain leave for a few minutes and brush off the baking soda. Furthermore, baking soda works like a charm for most cleaning jobs. You can put some baking soda on your sponge scrub and rinse or wipe clean.


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Use Aluminium Foil and Baking Soda for Silverware

If you want your glass baking dishes sparkling clean, crumple some aluminum foil into a small ball and with a little bit of dish soap liquid scrub the glass baking dishes clean. Furthermore, if you want to clean your silverware, add one tablespoon of baking soda and one piece of aluminum foil to water and bring them to boil. Drop your silverware in the pot for 10 seconds or longer. Then remove them from the water using kitchen tongs. It works like magic!


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Clean the Shower Head

Add a plastic bag around your shower head to get rid of stains. Add also vinegar in the plastic bag. It will do wonders!


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Clean Oil Stains

Use Pepsi or Coca Cola to clean oil stains from your garage floors. Yeah, this works! Try it!


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Clean Burnt Pans

Clean your burnt pan by adding water, along with two cups of vinegar, bring them to boil, remove from heat. Now add two tablespoons of baking soda. The burnt particles will come off themselves.


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Olive Oil for Leather Scratches

Do you have a lot of scratches on your leather sofa and cannot afford to get it professionally cleaned, use olive oil. Olive oil can quickly hide the scratches in leather furniture. Rub off any excess very well otherwise you might risk staining your clothes or others clothes.


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Clean Grout with Baking Soda

To clean grout, use baking soda and bleach. This mixture will clean the grimiest grout in your bathroom and leave the tiles sparkling clean.


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Clean With Coffee Filters

Instead of getting products for cleaning electronics, just use coffee filters to clean TVs, computer monitors, laptop screens, and any other displays.


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Clean With Baking Soda

Baking soda can help clean oil stains on your sofa or even carpets sprinkle some on top and dust it off. Furthermore, baking soda mixed with vinegar can also contribute to clean your oven by applying the mixture over your oven and scrubbing it clean.


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Clean the Bathtub

If you want to clean your tub, use one teaspoon of liquid soap along with a few drops of antibacterial oils, and mix some baking soda with water and create a paste. Once the paste is prepared, apply the magic mixture on a cleaning sponge or any brush and scrub the tub clean.


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