5 Infographics to help you keep a Clean and Squeaky Home

I know that the winter is not over but we always like to be prepared. Just like good Scouts. So we decided to catch up early on our Spring Cleaning. But no, we are not doing the actual cleaning at this point. We just did a bit of reading about it.

So we found some very interesting infographics which we think you, our readers, will appreciate. And we decided to gather them up and share them with you in a wonderful little article. Which I recommend you bookmark before Spring!

And we start with 9 simple habits that you can keep in order to have a spotless home at the end of the day!

Inforgraphic via maidsavvy


Next up, we have to suggest some Homemade Cleaning Recipes which will save you money and keep you home chemical free!

Infographic via simplelivingmama


When it comes to your kitchen tools, they require special attention so we couldn’t miss out on offering you a reminder about their special needs.

Infographic via babble

Have only a matter of hours to clean your entire home? No problem. Here are just a few tips on how to manage it all:

Infographic via mydomaine

If you want to keep a more appropriate schedule regarding your home cleaning, here’s a helpful infographic that can aid you with your plans.

Inforgraphic via goodhousekeeping



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