5 Unique DIY Projects to Display Your Plants

Plants are the life of the house, when no person is around, of course. So we decided to pay them the proper respect and show you a few DIY projects that will help display them. And since we’re talking about plants, we immediately thought of the environment and decided to make this article with two purposes. Besides giving you excellent ways to display your plants, all of these projects will also include a recycling factor. If you don’t follow me, just scroll down and see for yourself.


If you have a cup around the house which you don’t you use anymore, or simply have thought of throwing it out at one point, then stop right here. This project is the perfect way to put a good looking cup to good use and give it a new life. Any old cup can be a perfect way to display either a small plant, a type of herb or even just for planting a few seeds and helping them grow before moving them to a different container.

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An old tire can be the most wasteful piece in your household. They usually don’t have any other purpose and get thrown away, but we have found the perfect use for them. With just a few simple alterations, a tire can be transformed into a beautiful garden plant hanger. Just check it out!


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I’m sure that at one point in time, we’ve all had a few jars around the house which we didn’t use any more. So the first thought would be to throw them out, right? Wrong! If you have any jars around the house, then all you need is a piece of wood, and you can make a beautiful and unique plant support which would be perfect for both potted plants or vase flowers.


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The next item on our list of articles that can be recycled and given a brand new life may not be for everyone, but I’m sure that you won’t have to search long to find it. I’m talking about the famous chandeliers, an excellent piece of furniture that used to bring light into your home can now be transformed to bring life into your home. 


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 Last but not least we have what I believe to be the most simple of all the projects on this list. This project involves just a simple pair of old rain boots, but they can be very easily substituted by any ancient and beautiful pair of shoes that you don’t wear or don’t need anymore. 


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