6 driftwood projects to decorate your home with!

Even though it used to be one of the most important parts of a building structure, wood nowadays is more of a luxury item. It is still used in homes, but now only as part of the interior design. It’s role in the structure of a building is now very limited. But we still give it great importance when it comes to the inside of our homes. Because we still use it as flooring, paneling, and even furniture. Clearly not as much as we used to use it in the old days, but it is still a big part of our houses one way or another.

But in a world where environmental issues keep surfacing, this less and less use of wood in our homes can be a positive thing. Especially since most of the wood which was used in building houses came from cutting down trees. Nowadays we are more aware of these issues. And recycling as well as repurposing has become part of our lifestyles. So here we are today with a proposition for you, or rather 6 of them. If you really like wood and would like to have it part of you home, but in an environmentally conscious way, how about using driftwood?


Yes, you read that right. We are talking about using driftwood in your home. And to be more exact, to decorate your home in various ways. Driftwood is one of the most safe and fair way to use wood inside your home. Because these pieces are usually from fallen trees. They have died naturally and you won’t be hurting anyone just by gathering and using them in your home.

So we have gathered 6 of our favorite ways to use driftwood inside your home. All of these are DIY tutorials that you can do over the weekend and require a minimum of materials besides the wood. And in the end you will end up with gorgeous decorations and a splendid and environmentally friendly home.


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