6 Unique Ways to Make Easter Eggs and Easter More Special this Year!


When it comes to decorating, I am sure that most of you enjoy doing something special. Of course, some will prefer the simple and comfortable route of the traditional dyed eggs. But for those of you more outgoing and willing to take an extra step, here’s today’s article. In this article I am going to show you a few gorgeous and amazing ways to up your egg decorating game.

A little extra effort can result in beautiful eggs

And this can be seen right from the get go. From the first example and DIY project that I have listed in today’s article you can see it. Just by taking a little more time and putting in a little more effort. The end result is something gorgeous and unique. And I won’t be the only one saying so, if you do end up doing any of these. Your guests and family will also appreciate your efforts and applaud your creativity.

Get inspired by the following projects. It doesn’t matter whether you end up using paint, glitter, nail polish, or flowers. They will all look gorgeous and unique because they will be made by you. And your efforts will pay off big time. Just take a look and tell us if the following projects don’t seem simply amazing even just glancing at them.


DIY Metallic Easter Eggs

Photo and project via delineateyourdwelling


Natural dye colored Easter Egg Project

Photo and project via bigsislilsis


DIY Dyed Robin Eggs

Photo and project via honestlyyum


Watercolor Eggs

Photo and project via craftberrybush


DIY Marbled Indigo Eggs

Photo and project via aliceandlois


DIY Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs

Photo and project via studiodiy


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