8 Rules to Follow if You Want to Keep Fit

Whether you want to lose weight or just stick to your weight, it is important to adopt a few simple habits that will motivate you to follow a healthy diet and respect your exercise plan. Bellow you will find 9 rules that most fit people respect.

Rule 1

Rule 90/10 – This is a rule that gives you an “escape gate”, from time to time, for “your unhealthy cravings”.  90% of the time it is important to practice healthy habits. But at 10%, you can make an exception to the rule and taste, for example, a thin slice of cake.

Rule 2

Replace your unhealthy cravings with some healthy ones – as long as you follow the first rule, unhealthy small temptations are allowed, as they are only occasional pleasures, not daily ones. If, however, you find it difficult to give up calories, look for healthy alternatives. For example, if chips are your weakness, you could replace them with homemade cornflakes, with less oil and less salt.

Rule 3

The two-day rule – Exercises play an important role both for our health and also in the process of losing weight and maintaining weight, so it is important to devote time to this daily activity. If your schedule or unplanned events do not allow you an hour of daily physical activity, do not to spend two days in a row without playing sports.

Rule 4

Try to exercise as varied as possible to stimulate your entire body. Don’t just limit yourself to cardio exercises. Include strength and flexibility exercises.

Rule 5

Don’t skip breakfast! For example, athlete Sanya Richards-Ross, who won two gold medals at the London Olympics, says she never skips the most important meal of the day.

Rule 6

Take care of the quality of your sleep! The hours we sleep play an important role in strengthening the immune system, our metabolism and have effects on the health of our entire body.

Rule 7

Don’t compare yourself to others! Each of us is unique, so avoid comparing your body with that of your friends, or with the models and stars that appear on the pages of magazines and on television. Instead, find your own standard. Find out when and how you feel best.

Rule 8

Learn to look at the  sports hours with pleasure! Physical exercises should not be a chore, but a way in which each of us contributes to improving health and, of course, to shaping the long-desired figure. Hours spent playing sports are an investment in you own person and in you own health.

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