8 Tailor Hacks that will save you money and trips to the tailor

When it comes to clothes, I think we can all admit that we have all become a little comfortable. Some of us can’t be bothered to sew back a button anymore or repair a rip. And why? Well, first of all, because clothes have become so cheap nowadays. Which means most of us can easily afford to replace a damaged piece instead of repairing it. Second of all, because most of us have gotten lazy. But not all of us. And for those who haven’t, here are some amazing tailor hacks to help you along.

Taking care of your clothes and mending them to hold out as much as possible is a new trend which we agree with entirely. It starts from a mindset of cutting overspending, helping the environment, and reducing waste altogether. And we absolutely love the people who are trying to be more self-sufficient and less consuming. So this one goes out to you guys and gals:

Just a few tailor hacks (tailor made) to help you preserve your clothes or even make new ones right at home instead of buying them:

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