9 Objects that We Wash too Often and Others 9 objects that We Usually Forget to Wash

Most people make this common mistake: they wash some clothes that are not dirty and forget about other clothes, clothes that should be washed more often.

  1. Leggings vs. jeans

Frequent washes discolor and deform denim. It is recommended that we never wash jeans in the washing machine. Leggings, on the other hand, need to be washed more often because they absorb perspiration and create a favorable environment for bacterial growth. If you wear leggings on daily bases, then you can wash them after 2-3 wears , if you train in them, then after each workout.

2. Sports bra vs. daily use bra

Following a survey, conducted on a sample of 200 women who were asked how often they wash their bra, it was found that one third of women wash it every 2 weeks, and the rest even rarer, but mentioned that they did not wear the same bra every day. If you have multiple sets of underwear, you can change them every day and wash your bras less often.

3. The bathroom carpet vs. bathroom towel

Towels should be changed after 3-4 uses. To reduce the number of washes up to 1 time in 2 weeks, you can use 2 towels and let them dry well. Otherwise, they will have an unpleasant odor and change their color. The carpet in the bathroom gets dirty very quickly, the bathroom being an ideal environment for bacteria and mold development. This is why it is recommended to wash it once a week.

4.  The cap vs. the hat

If you don’t wear the same hat in the autumn-winter season, then it is sufficient to wash it every 2 months. The caps should be washed twice during the summer season and it is not recommended to put them in the washing machine because they will get deformed.

5.  The pillow case vs. the bed sheet

It is recommended that the bed linen to be changed every 10 days and the pillow cases more often.

6.  The blanket vs. the coverture

The bed coverture is washed every two months because it does not come in contact so often with the skin. The blankets are washed as they get dirty, but at least once a month.

7. The jacket vs. the overcoat

The jacket will be washed every 3 months with cold water. Coats are not recommended to be washed, it is better to take them to the cleaning.

8.  The pillow vs. the quilt

It is advisable to wash the pillows every 3 months. And the quilt only once every six months.

9.  Tulle vs.  curtains

Curtains can be washed once a year, with the condition  you vacuum them regularly. Tulle will be washed at least every six months, and the one in the kitchen more often.

You can also wash the bathroom curtains in the washing machine with the condition that the curtain is made out of polyester.

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