9 Quirky EggShells DIYs that will have you eating eggs more often!

Eggshells are not your typical repurposed object from around the house. In any normal household, the shells are normally cracked in half and then thrown out with the trash. Lately, I have also heard that some people keep them in order to ground them and use to either spice up their coffee or use for their plants. Both of which we highly recommend and applaud.

But have you ever thought of keeping these eggshells intact? In order to use them for more interesting household projects. We haven’t either until we’ve encountered some of the most interesting DIYs that you will ever see. From baking inside an eggshell to using it as home decor, you will see all kinds of ideas here. And they may seem weird at first but give them a chance. And I can bet that you will be carefully emptying the next eggshells that you use and keep them for later.

And remember, if you have any weird or interesting ideas with eggshells please let us know. We would love to see or even feature some of your interesting DIYs or projects on our page. And for now, have fun and take care of those shells!

Photo and project via realfood.tesco


Project and photo via littleinspiration


Photo and project via smallfriendly


Project and photo via instructables


Photo and project via missielizziemeandmyshadow


Project and photo via magicaldaydream


Photo and project via instructables


Project and photo via craftstutsplus


Photo and project via growingajeweledrose



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