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17 Hits From the 90s that Will Get You Nostalgic

If you’re a millennial, you will sure get the chills as soon as you listen to those songs. My target is the millennial because those were our childhood songs. As a matter of fact, you can’t get that much of a nostalgy if you listen to 2000s music than you do it with the 90s. […]



Cloaks Ripped Out of a Fairy Tale and Brought into Real Life

How many times have you heard the phrase “Spread your wings and fly”? This is usually used when we want to encourage someone to use their abilities at their full potential or to do something new and exciting. But, of course, we have used it as a metaphoric phrase so far. And I say “so […]


8 Infographics That Will Ease Up Your Culinary Life

We truly believe that there are a lot of life hacks flowing around the internet, but we thought that when someone needs something specific on which he or she can lean on – there must be something that speaks clear and easy. What do we mean? Have you ever wondered that you were drinking your […]


The Most Magical (Harry Potter) Wedding Theme in the World!

Ok, who doesn’t LOVE Harry Potter? Because if you see those following amazing pictures, I bet you’d be all crazed about it. For those who love Harry Potter, I must warn you; those are the most magical, surreal themed wedding pictures I have ever seen. The bride and the groom, Cassie and Lewis Byrom decided […]