Cute and Easy to Make DIY Christmas Decorations

Before and during the Winter Holidays, everyone is rushing to shop all those beautiful Christmas presents, wrap them, bake delicious cookies, cakes, cut down that perfect Christmas tree and also decorate it. It’s true that a few days before Winter Holidays things start to calm down but with all this Christmas activities there is no more time for DIY ideas and DIY projects. If you are looking for quick and affordable DIY projects that, in the end, still look great, you are in the right place. Get inspired by these cute and easy to make DIY Christmas decorations. Not difficult, no time consuming and not expensive, these Christmas decorations will help you turn your home into that perfect “Winter Wonderland”. Be creative and bring all DIY ideas to an end. Happy Holidays!

Wagon Wheel Wreath

What can be more original than a wreath made using a wagon wheel? Add some lights to bring it that original bling and your Christmas holidays will be in country style.

  via Sowanddipiti 

Lighted Burlap Garland

A little bit of ribbon, some wire and lights will do the trick for this DIY Christmas project.


via Createcraftlove

Stemware Snow Globes

An inexpensive project that will help you transform stemware into beautiful snow globes.


via Cfabbridesigns

Peppermint Striped Candlesticks

Use a little bit of frog tape, a sander, spray paint, twine. Combine them together and you will have a striped peppermint candlestick.


via Simplykierste

Candy Cane Centerpiece

This project is so easy to make. A cute and delicious centrepiece that will look amazing on the festive table.


via Myecochicwedding

Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

Decorate your Christmas table with this simple DIY idea. It will look cute and your guests will be amazed of what you can make.


via Handimania

Christmas Decorations from Wine Bottles

Mix a few wine bottles, Epson salt, spray adhesive and you will have a cute, easy to make and not to mention cheap Christmas decoration.


via Cleverlyinspired


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