Delicious Sweets for your New Year’s Eve Party!

If you’re planning a house party for New Year’s Eve, delicious sweets are a must. And if you are having a hard time deciding what recipes are worthy, this article won’t make it any easier. As a side note, I am really sorry about that. But, for some of you, I am sure that I can make that decision easier and get you to try a new recipe by the end of this article.

So what ingredients will you need for these recipes? You name it! From strawberries and champagne to jello shots, pastries or chocolate. We have something of everything and for everyone. How could we not think about all of your guests? And now you can think about your favorite combination and just get it out there.

Your guests will not only love the delicious sweets, but they will love you for making them as well. What more are you waiting for? Just check them out and choose the sweet theme of your New Year’s Eve Party!


Strawberries and Champagne Cupcakes

Photo and recipe via completelydelicious


Champagne Buttercream Macarons

Recipe and photo via foodbabbles


Rainbow JelloShots

Photo and recipe via tablespoon


Bourbon Chocolate Cherry Cookie Bites

Recipe and photo via thedomesticrebel


Chocolate Pudding Pie in a Jar

Photo and recipe via thisgalcooks


Champagne Jello Shots

Recipe and photo via ericasweettooth


Confetti Clock Cookies

Photo and recipe via repeatcrafterme


Chocolate Chip Palmiers

Recipe and photo via crazyforcrust



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