A Different Kind of Egg…Craft/Decoration/DIY/Project

In today’s article we are going to show you how some very talented people have used the egg in their crafts. And we have named the article accordingly. Because we can assure you that you haven’t seen this kind of crafts too often. And not because they aren’t good. Quite the opposite. They are brilliant and you can judge that in just a few moments even by simply looking at the pictures below.

Now, one confession we have to make. Not all of these crafts involve eggs. They are all based on the concept of the egg, and many use an actual egg, or at least its shell. But there are also some projects that just use the shape of the egg and go in a totally different direction. But I wanted to add them to this list because they can and will really change the look of your Easter Decoration. Be it on the table or just in the corner of the room, these projects will stand out and add that little extra something to your holiday. And the best part is that these projects will look awesome even after the Easter Holiday. Because they look so beautiful that you will want to keep them around all year long.


Eggshell Planters

Photo and project via lerobinsnest


Color Block Easter Eggs

Photo and project via landofnod


Easter Egg Terrariums

Photo and project via thehousethatlarsbuilt


Shabby Chic Easter Eggs

Photo and project via designdininganddiapers


Easter Egg Flower Vase

Photo and project via craftberrybush


Confetti Easter Eggs

Photo and project via apumpkinandaprincess


Moss Covered Easter Eggs

Photo and project via lovegrowswild


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