How to Make a Colorful Stone Photo Frame

My daughter loves to gather pebbles from the street and bring it home. I think that this is the reason I love all kind of stones: big, small, colorful, sarkly. At first I wanted to do my project with the pebbles my daughter collected from me, but I have bigger plans for them. I found a beautiful photo frame that looks like wood but it isn’t, and I wanted to change something. Being a pebble/stone lover I wanted to combine this two items together.
To get started on this colorful stone photo frame, you will need the followings: a photo frame, a glue gun or silicon (try using transparent silicon) and bright stones. Use also a pair of gloves to protect your hands.


Start from the inside-out. Add a line of silicon and stones. Repeat until all the frame entirely covered.







Leave everything to dry for a few hours or until the next day.


Add a beautiful photo inside and hang the frame on the wall or everywhere you want in your home.

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