How to Make an Outdoor Recycled Chair Planter

Do you have an old chair that has a broken part in the middle, an empty spot or any other problem and you can’t use it anymore? Want some color to dress up your patio or garden? Make a recycled chair planter. If you don’t have the main character in this DIY project, a chair, you can visit a garage sale, an antique store, and you will find what you’re looking.

Gather the followings: an old chair, a flower planter and spray paint. I used purple-pink spray paint. You can choose what color you like most.

Our chair was an ugly metal and wood chair, and we had some trouble with it during the project but we managed to pull it through.


Take the planter and turn it upside down. Place it in the middle of the chair. Use a black marker or a pencil and trace the edge.


Because the chair had these four metal barns we were unable to cut in the seating part. But my hubby removed the front metal barn, and we were ready to go!





Use a 1/2 inch drill bit and drill one pilot hole. This way you will have a start point when you begin to use the jigsaw to cut the circle.


Use the jigsaw and cut directly on the black marker mark moving around the middle of the circle.


Use a sanding block and sand down the edges of the circle and also the other parts of the chair to prepare it for painting. Use a clean cloth to dust away and sanding dust.


Spray paint the entyre chair. Let the paint dry. If you are planning to place your flower planter chair outside you must spray it with an “all purpose weather sealer”.



Place the flower planter in the hole of the chair making sure that the planter lip will fit perfectly in the hole. If you are planning to keep the recycled chair planter inside, you must buy a planter that has a water catcher included.





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