Keep Your Neighbours from Snooping with these 9 Brilliant Privacy Ideas

Everyone enjoys the time spent on the balcony deck or porch, sitting and relaxing, while drinking an ice tea, reading a good book or just spending time with friends and family. The outdoor relaxing area is an important relaxation place that every home should have! But what do you do when your neighbours are too close and invading your privacy? Create something to keep your privacy private! Keep your balcony, patio or any other relaxing place away from the curious eyes of the neighbours, with some creative, brilliant privacy ideas. Your friends will envy you because they won’t be able to snoop anymore, and you will have that perfect corner of heaven you’ve always wanted to have!

Build a Living Privacy Screen

If you want to make a living privacy screen, you will benefit not from one but two benefits: a beautiful outdoor decoration and of course privacy. Very functional, it will give you that alone time you’ve always wanted!


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Patio Painted Drop Cloth

Choose a cloth that isn’t see-through! Choose one made of natural fiber! A very durable solution that won’t be tossed in the wind and that can be stored when not needed!


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Old Door into a New Privacy Screen

Give your patio or porch a vintage, cottage look by reusing old doors. Add some hanging baskets, a little bit of color using flowers and your privacy corner is all done!


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Blinds and Shades Made of Natural Fibres

Give blinds and shades such as wood and bamboo a second life by turning them into privacy screens. The natural look that these privacy screens will give to your patio or porch will blend with the colors of the flowers and plants. Also, on a windy day you don’t have to worry that they will be tossed in the air or on the ground.


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Mirrored Trellis

Dress up your garden fence using mirrored trellises. It will create the illusion of a bigger space even though the reality is different.


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Pot Fountain Sound Barrier

Not only a visual privacy screen will keep curious people away. A sound barrier is an important part of having a relaxing corner in your home. It will keep that background noise away while you are enjoying your coffee or an excellent book.


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Patio Hideaway Screen

Add a modern touch to your home with the help of these aluminum panels combined with wooden screens.


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Water Wall Privacy Screen

A sound barrier and also an obscure panel that will keep all that noise and all those meddling eyes away.


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Wooden Pergola with a Built-In Bench

Create a beautiful visiting / relaxing area without taking away the shade, comfort and also privacy.


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