Make these Fabric Flowers bloom even in Winter!

Keeping flowers alive during winter can be a handful. And trust me, for a person that has a habit of ‘saving’ flowers, I know what that’s like. But I have another suggestion for you, our readers. And I hope this suggestion will end up making your life not only easier but also brighter during the cold and harsh winter.

But more than that. Today we are also going to learn how to utilize leftover fabric scraps. Both in a way that they don’t end up just occupying your drawers and in a way that brightens up your day. Or all of your days! And the way I propose you do this is to make beautiful fabric flowers. So here are just a few of our favorite DIYs for fabric flowers.

We wanted to keep a certain level of variety. Both in the types of flowers and in the ways you can utilize them. And we believe we have achieved this. But I’ll let you be the judge from this point on:


Project and photo via milesofsunshine


Photo and project via snowybliss


Project and photo via thediymommy


Photo and product via ohforsweetnesssake


Product and photo via howaboutorange


Photo and product via jessicademaio


Product and photo via dejavudesigns


Photo and product via iheartnaptime


Product and photo via sweetcsdesigns


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