Restored Furniture that will Have You Running for the Flea Markers and Garage Sales

When it comes to furniture, it may seem that you never find exactly the piece that you are looking for. Or, if you do find it, it’s always really expensive. And you end up wandering if it is really worth it. But today we are here to offer you an alternative to this. We are going to show you today how to get that perfect piece through restored furniture. With just a trip to the nearest garage sale or flea market and the minimal amount of time and effort. And the end result will be worth so much more than any amount of money you would have given for it.

So here are just a few of our favorite furniture remodel stories. We hope that among all of these, there are at least a few of them that will stay with you. And not just as a pretty picture or look-through article. But as projects that you set in mind to do this summer, or next time you have a spare day. Or, if not, at least they should stay with you as inspiration. For other projects, for improving your home, for restoring old furniture you may have. Whatever inspiration you get from this article will be a win in our book. And we hope you take advantage of it.

We would love to hear from you and see what restoring projects you may have done, read about, or wanted to do and didn’t find instructions for it. Let us know in the comments!


Bed turned into Bench

Photo and project via jillsabode


Stepladder turned into Side Table

Photo and project via funkyjunkinteriors


Door turned into Headboard

Photo and project via infarrantlycreative


Dresser turned into Bench

Photo and project via createinspireme


Desk turned into Nightstands

Photo and project via sugarbeecrafts


Dresser turned into Vanity

Photo and project via beneathmyheart


Cabinet turned into Kitchen Island

Photo and project via sawdust2stiches



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