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16 Porch Ideas that will have you craving for Summer

I have to start by mentioning that, while writing this article, I imagined myself on not one but almost all of these porches. On a breezy Spring or Summer day, with an iced coffee next to me and the laptop in my lap. How about this for a perfect work environment? Well, thanks to the lovely […]


12 balconies we would love to be working from right now

When it comes to working from home, it may not be as easy and pleasant as some people would think. In the beginning it may seem like the perfect and most comfortable environment to work from. But there’s more to it than that. Yes, don’t worry. This article is still about balconies. And we are […]



10 Creative Design Ideas for Small Balconies

I bet your balcony is now full of empty boxes and bags, stuff that you don’t need at the moment, all that junk and obviously, full of spider web and, well, spiders! But have you ever thoughts of maybe take a stand and think of redecorating it? Just think of a better place of depositing your […]