The Nautilus House – Amazing House Shaped as a Snail Shell

The snail shell shaped house is the work of a Mexican architect, Javier Senosiain. It has an indoor garden and all rooms are furnished so you won’t forget at any time the form of the building. You will not find straight lines anywhere. The kitchen has a strange form and looks like it is in […]


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Home Office ideas to inspire you and your Home Decor

Living in a modern and technology-oriented world, I’ sure that many of you have some kind of improvised desk in your home. Whether it’s the dining table that seems way to big for your laptop; the coffee table that is way too small in so many ways; or even the kitchen counter where dinner should […]


Floral Furniture to inspire your Home Decor

Since Spring has started to show its wings, we decided it was time to take some inspiration from it. But we also wanted to pay it a well-deserved tribute in the process. And, in my opinion, we have managed to do this pretty well. Not all by ourselves, of course. But with the help of […]



15 Gorgeous Mudroom Ideas to inspire you

Today, thanks to the lovely people at Houzz, we bring you a story filled with color and inspiration. Because in this article we are going to share with you some of the most lovely looking mudrooms. And we have it all, from modern and minimalist to country style luxury. But that’s not all, they also […]