Delicious Sweets for your New Year’s Eve Party!

If you’re planning a house party for New Year’s Eve, delicious sweets are a must. And if you are having a hard time deciding what recipes are worthy, this article won’t make it any easier. As a side note, I am really sorry about that. But, for some of you, I am sure that I […]


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Gold and Glitter your way into the New Year!

Since the New Year Celebration is just a few days ahead, we thought we should help you celebrate in style! And this year’s style is filled in Gold and Glitter. So let us show you how to incorporate this gorgeous style into your New Year’s Eve party. And let your party guide you and your […]


7 Minimalist Christmas Trees you need to try this year!

If you’ve followed the latest trends when it comes to Christmas Trees, I think I can honestly say that a Christmas Miracle has happened. Because, lately, people have started thinking more and more about the environment and their surroundings. And the cutting of the Christmas Trees has been one of largest debates on everyone’s mind. […]



Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas to surprise your loved ones with!

Even though Christmas is over, the holiday season is not. So there is still time to give your presents to those you haven’t had a chance to see yet. Especially if you have relatives or friends that live far away and you don’t get to see very often. Take the chance to catch up with […]