The Nautilus House – Amazing House Shaped as a Snail Shell

The snail shell shaped house is the work of a Mexican architect, Javier Senosiain. It has an indoor garden and all rooms are furnished so you won’t forget at any time the form of the building. You will not find straight lines anywhere. The kitchen has a strange form and looks like it is in the wall and beds are made in ​​the same way. The living room has a sofa that looks like a jellyfish and it is said that its built around a fountain carved into the floor. Bathroom accessories such as showers and sinks are in the form of waterfalls, to induce feelings of underwater life. The color scheme was used in accordance with the chosen theme and created a living space like none other on the planet. Constructed from a steel grid filled with cement, this house is not affected by the earthquakes that hit Mexico occasionally.

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