You won’t believe these furniture pieces are recycled!

If you’ve been wanting a change in your home decor or design, we propose something wonderfully unique today. Because we, here at Dipfeed, try to give you all sorts of ideas. From how to improve your home decor to products you can buy for your home, and even inspiration from some of the most talented artists. But we also try to insert in every article a bit of a lesson regarding waste.

So this article will be no different. Because we propose today a look at a few gorgeous DIYs, all involving recycled and repurposed furniture. And you will notice that recycled furniture can be just as glamorous, and even more so, that all new pieces. Because I believe the big advantage is making your own furniture is that you can personalize it to fit your style. Not to mention that then you would have 100% unique furniture in your home.

Recycled, reused, and DIYs

But enough about teaching. Because you’re not here for that are you? Let’s just leave you with these lovely projects and you can decide for yourself how lovely they are:


Photo and project via shopruche


Project and photo via themerrythought


Photo and product via myrepurposedlife


Project and photo via thissortaoldlife


Photo and project via sisterssuitcaseblog


Project and photo via tonyastaab



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