9 Pet Photos, which Reflect a Real Drama!

We all want our lives to be like in the movies. But few of us refer to a tragic scenario of magnitude, like the one in “Titanic”. Dear reader, our team has selected 9 photos, from which it smells of sadness from a kilometer. There is so much drama in these photos that they even […]


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What would Christmas be without the beautifully decorated Christmas tree? Without the Christmas tree, where would Santa leave the gifts? However, when you have pets, and specially crazy pets like our dogs, Aki and Bella, keeping the Christmas tree intact is a challenge, if not an impossible mission. Fortunately, some pet owners have found the […]


14 Hilariously Weird Facts About Pets

There’s a new thing trending all over Twitter, started by Jimmy Fallon and his hashtag idea of #MyPetIsWeird. I don’t blame him, the idea is fantastic, especially if you have a pet of your own. Users all over the world posted any facts about their pet’s weird behavior. Who doesn’t like silly videos on Youtube […]