Organize Your Fridge: Tips and Tricks!

How often do you forget stuff and products in your fridge? Food that you can throw to the trash? Bellow you will find some tips and tricks to organize and “smart” store your products in the fridge. Store all your jars and bottles in the refrigerator on round trays. this way when you need something […]


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Handmade Supports for Different Crops: 17 DIY Ideas for Your Garden!

Plants represent life, vitality and freshness. It is also beneficial for our health to have them around. But there are plants or flowers that need supports. Support is needed for some plants and some types of flowers, as well as for crops that have a weak stem or large fruit. Discover these amazing DIY ideas […]



13 Practical Solutions for Storing Things in Your Home

Children’s toys, care products, household chemicals, lots of shoes… and so many other things. We buy so many stuff that we need on our daily life and to maintain comfort in our home but those thinks become at some point to many stuff laying around the house.  Sometimes, we do not realise how to make […]


27 New and Creative Ideas to Reuse Wooden Pallets

In the next article you will find ideas that fit perfectly with spring / summer season. A nice idea would be to let the vine grow on those wooden pallets, so you will create a house covered with greenery. Also, if you live in an apartment building, decorating the apartment is a very debated topic, […]


Top 10 Helpful Tips that Will Always Help You Keep your Kitchen Clean

How to make and maintain order in the kitchen? How to organize your kitchen utensils? How to make the kitchen a comfortable place for the whole family? These are the questions that almost every woman asks. Such an organizer can be made using a small wooden basket. Source: Pinteres    2.  Unusual use of office […]


Home Office ideas to inspire you and your Home Decor

Living in a modern and technology-oriented world, I’ sure that many of you have some kind of improvised desk in your home. Whether it’s the dining table that seems way to big for your laptop; the coffee table that is way too small in so many ways; or even the kitchen counter where dinner should […]