7 Big Design Ideas to Decorate a Small Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. Even though in the moment you think about this space, the first thing that comes to your mind is to be clean, there are many other important things that complete the image of a perfect bathroom. In case your bathroom is small, you need to pay close attention to its decoration. The space needs to look big and spacious, so don’t overwhelm it with useless objects that you don’t use, ever. Here are some tricks which will come in help in the moment you decide to decorate a small bathroom.

Go With Bright Colors

If your bathroom is small, try to choose bright colors for the walls. Even though black or dark colors, like brown and purple give an elegant note to any room, when it comes to a small bathroom, this colors don’t do anything else than create a “suffocating” sensation. Bright colors are ideal for a small space. You can try the next trick: Choose shiny tile, in a pastel color, which will reflect the light and also create the illusion of a bigger room. If you don’t want your tile to cover the walls totally, then put it only until the middle of the rooms height. After that, with the help of paint, give an alive color to the walls.


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The Mirror Illusion

Probably you heard at some point the fact that a big mirror, considerably increases the space. In the place of a classic mirror, of medium size, try to choose a bigger one. Next to the fact that is extremely useful, it will also reflect the light in the whole room. You can assemble a thick frame around the mirror if you want. On it you will be able to put shampoo, lotions, candles or even the cosmetics you constantly need. If you want to give a different air to your bathroom, you can go with a collection of smaller mirror putted in place in an artistic way.


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Give Up On the Bathtub

Who says that a bathroom without the traditional bathtub is not elegant? A shower cabin is a lot more practical and, in plus, it will help you to save up space. The most important thing is the design. The showers cabin needs to be a match with the décor you want to contour in the bathroom. If you don’t want to get complicated, choose a cabin with transparent walls, to create the sensation of a bigger room. If although you don’t want to give up on the idea of having a bathtub, choose a small one, for the corner.


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Take Advantage of the Space Under the Sink

Give up on the suspended cabinets, that don’t do anything except making the bathroom more crowded. Use in exchange the space from under the sink, where you can do a small cabinet, to deposit your cosmetics or household objects. Invest in compartmented boxes, which will help you to organize lotions, shampoos, lipsticks or everyday creams.


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Mount a Shelf Above the Door

If the space allows you, mount a shelf on top of the door. There you can deposit the household objects that you don’t use constantly , but that you will need at some point. You can use that shelf for towels, also for the cosmetics or lotions that don’t have space anymore in the drawers.


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Organize Awkward Sink Spaces

If you have problems with those awkward sink spaces all you need to do is to purchase to shower caddies.  Add the shower caddies on either side of the bathroom cabinet. Now you have not one, not two but four shelves to organize different stuff. Before you purchase those shower caddies, make sure you get the ones with the flat bottom. Otherwise you risk finding them on the bathroom floor.


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Add Pullout Drawers and Sliding Bins

If you don’t have a lot of space in your bathroom, it’s hard to install cabinets with drawers. A great solution to maximize your bathroom space are pullout drawers and also sliding bins. This sliding units will help you organize your thin, small spaces, that otherwise will be lost.


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