17 Epic DIY Mason Jar Projects

Mason jars crafts are so trendy right now! You can consider mason jars as craft supply because there are so many DIY ideas where you can include them! Budget friendly, easy to use, so many crafts you can include them! Need I say more? Do you have mason jars at home? Are you looking for highly creative designs for your mason jars? If yes, then scroll down for some of the finest ways to design mason jars at home.

1. Mason Jar Hanging Garden

This DIY project is perhaps one of the best uses you can have with the mason jars. The design looks stunning and can be hanged anywhere around the house for added attraction.


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2. Mason Jar Vases

Mason jar vases make some of the most beautiful designs in homes you can find today. Not only do these look beautiful, but also help in placing creative flower designs around the house.


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3. Mason Jar Votives

Mason jar votives look highly creative and can make an everlasting impression on guests. You can keep them anywhere around the house and enjoy their exceptional look and style.


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4. Mason Jar Candles

Mason jar candles have been in use for a considerable long time. These come extremely handy around the house. Besides their creative use, mason jar candles look extremely attractive in homes especially when you combine them with other creative internal designs.


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5. Mason Jar Tumbler Lid-In

This is another creative way to use mason jars. The tumbler lid-in provides great uses to homeowners. You can enjoy your favorite drinks along with enjoying their creative designs.


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6. DIY Polka Dot Jar Vase

Polka dot jar vases look extremely beautiful around the house. Through their glorious color schemes and designs, you can place them anywhere based on your preferences.


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7. DIY Mason Jar Lamps

Mason lamp jars can be hanged anywhere. These look stunning in designs. The light effect makes them highly creative, especially at night which makes a great impression on visitors.


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8. Vintage Photo Mason Jars

Another great design for mason jars. The vintage photos look exceptional and can be changed and modified in any shape as per your needs.


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9. DIY Sewing Kit In A Jar

Sewing kits, when placed in mason jars, create a tremendous design that not only looks attractive but can also be of great use around the house.


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10. Mason Jar Wall Planter

You can hang these mason jar wall planters at your doorsteps or any other place of your choice. They look magnificent and are a treat for eyes.


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11. DIY Magical Jars

As the name says, magical jars are surely a magic for eyes. This DIY project is perhaps one of the finest mason jar designs you can have today. Try it yourself!


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12. DIY Snow Globes From Jar

If you love snowy effects, then you simply can’t resist this outstanding design in mason jars. Its great design will have a superior effect on people of all ages.


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13. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Not only does it look beautiful, the jar soap dispenser design in mason jars can be of highly creative use around the house.


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14. DIY Mason Jar Wine Glasses

Wine glass designs in Mason jars make some of the most creative designs available today. They can be of great use, besides their attractive designs.


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15. DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

Jar chandeliers are one of the finest ways of decorating with mason jars. This great concept and design will simply blow you away. Try it and see the results yourself.


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16. Mason Jar Ladder Lantern Hanger

Give your front porch or back yard that rustic design with this mason jar ladder hanger. You can use C-clamps and attach on the ladder as many mason jars as you want.


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17. DIY Baby Food Jars Chandelier

This project uses baby food jars instead of mason jars. Create that perfect chandelier you’ve always wanted to have in your living room with these cheap and also easy to build DIY project.All you need is some baby food jars, twisted wire and a rusty chain.


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