11 Eco-Friendly Ideas to Improve Your Home

By recycling, we help our environment by reducing the amount of waste that it’s generated. This is the reason that creative recycling ideas are always welcome when it comes to decorating and making a unique home design. Discover these eco-friendly ideas to decorate your home! Save a lot of money with the help of these DIY ideas! Change the decor of your home and also assist the planet by recycling old furniture, sweaters, glass and other stuff that you normally are tossing in the trash. Reduce the waste that is generated by you and also beautify your home with eco-friendly creative ideas.

Make a Scarf Quilt

Take those scarfs out of the back of your closet. It’s time to use them in another way! Make a cute scarf quilt. You will only need around seven scarves. If you want to make a big quilt you can use more scarfs. Choose the ones that have a cool variety of textures and colors. Just cut all the scarfs equal length and sew them together, from edge to edge. You can also add a fabric backing! Total cost: 0$.


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Make a Herbal Fire Starter

Old newspaper, pinecones and rosemary, basil and sage, are an awesome combination. How do you ask? Simple! Use the above materials and create herbal fire starters. Add all the herbs in a newspaper and use raffia or string to secure both ends. The herbs inside the newspaper will help logs a better chance to fire up.


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Make T-Shirt Pillows

Reuse old, colorful T-Shirts and make cute throw pillows for your love seat, couch, patio chairs. If you don’t like to sew, and I don’t like for sure,  you can take the pieces of T-Shirt to a tailor and ask them to make the stitches for the future pillows. Now all you have to do is to add cushion filling and Voila!


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Super Pot Scrubbers

Veggies and fruits often are bought in a plastic mesh. Don’t toss in the trash those plastic bags, use it to make a super pot scrubber. Just fill the mesh with yard tulle, sew the ends and you have a super pot scrubber. It will last longer than other product, and the cost is almost to nothing.


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Create See-Through Storage

Use glass jars or Mason jars to store soap bars, cotton swabs, grains or any other kitchen products. IT will help a lot if you see what is inside.


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Make Oxford Napkins

Turn that worn down oxford shirt into cloth napkins and also dishcloths. The check pattern will look fantastic on your dinner table and will also help you reduce the need for all those paper products.


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Make Simple Cork Trivet

Keep those hot pans and pots away from your countertops and table with the help of a cute, simple to make cork trivet. Collect around 50 corks. Arrange all the corks into a circle. Use a metal clamp and surround all the corks. Tight the clamp around the corks and trim all the excess clamp.


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Make a Tiered Tray from Mismatched Dinnerware Sets

Do you have a lot of mismatched dinnerware? Be creative and make a cute tiered tray for desserts, fruits or even keys or little kitchen utensils. You will need two cups, three plates, and a strong glue. Avoid excess glue by applying glue only on the bottom of the cup and the rim of the cup.


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Make Rustic Candles Using Flower Pots

Burn all those leftover candles and make new ones using flower pots. You will have a cute rustic decoration and also give new life to something old. Take a coin and cover the hole from the flower pot. Melt all those left-over candles into a pot. Add a cotton wick over the coin. Pour the was into the flowerpot and at the same time hold the cotton wick up so that it doesn’t get cover with wax. Let the wax set over night.


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Make Sweater Seats

Reuse old, colorful sweaters and turn them into cute, cozy chair seats. Take a sweater and cut it apart. Make two squares a little larger than the chair seats. Trim the sleeves and the neck hole. Take the seat cushion apart from the chair. Cover the seat cushion with the sweater square and fix the edges using a staple gun. Trim all the excess and add back the cushion on the chair.


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Make a Mixed Glass Centerpiece

Make a cute mixed glass centerpiece using jars and bottles in different shapes and sizes. You can use perfume bottles, mustard jars. Group them together on a tray, planter or in the middle of the table and add colorful flower and leaves.


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