Turn an Old Table Into a New Pet Bed

Give a new life to that old table that’s sitting in your garage for ages. Want to find out how? Just flip the table upside-down! Transform a boring table into an elegant and original pet bed. Add a little bit of color with some paint and a comfortable pillow and your pet will have the royal bed every pet has dreamed off. Your cat or dog will feel like a royal family member when it will sleep in DIY charming bed. If the old table has a drawer, try using it storing pet stuff in it! Your dog’s collar and clothes, your cats toys! They will fit perfectly in there!


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Follow some simple steps and at the end of the DIY project you will have a cute table slash bed for your pet. With some few supplies, like nails, hot glue, a puffy pillow or mattress and, of course, an old table, you will create an original and at the same time cute pet bed.¬†Flip over the table. Remove everything that you don’t need from the table.


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Decorate and paint the table however you prefer using colorful paint, letters, cloth. Add comfy pillows and your pet will enjoy this awesome bed made by you!


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