Handmade Jewelry: 14 Cute Jewelry DIY’s

Want to see if you are cut out for handmade jewelry?! Bracelets, necklaces, cuffs, rings, you will find all here! Whether you are a professional in crafting or just a beginner, you will love making these affordable DIY’s. Make jewelry in no time and impress everyone with your creations by combining these cute DIY’s with your fashion trends. Be a crafting junkie, prepare all your materials and get ready for these simple tutorials!

Handmade Tiny Tassel Bracelet

A cute idea, if you like stacking bracelets on your wrist. With a pair of scissors, some embroidery thread, chain, lobster clasp, flat nose pliers, jump rings you will do wonders. Give them as gifts or just wear them with style!


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Handmade Chevron Bracelet

Use a rope wine or leather lacing. You can also use varied sizes of hex nuts so that you can better pull of this cool DIY bracelet. Start by wedging the ends of the bracelet between your kitchen drawers or coffee table drawers. This way, you will keep the bracelet strands held, and you will be able to get tight braids. Start braiding the whole length and clasp the bracelet. This way, you will avoid tying it. If you have one, use a toggle clasp. Trim the extra lacing and your bracelet will be ready!



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Handmade Triangle Necklace

If you love playing with polymer clay, then this is the right craft idea for you. Very simple to make, lots of fun and not to mention, so easy! Have fun with your polymer clay and create a cute handmade triangle necklace.


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Handmade Spiked Fisherman’s Rope Cuff

Start weaving the Fisherman’s rope into a beautiful bracelet that will fit your hand. Add the spikes. Unscrew the spikes and push in the top from the inside of the bracelet. Screw the spikes at the top side of the bracelet. Your spiked fisherman’s rope cuff is ready!


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Handmade Braided Bead Necklace

The necklaces fro the store are or too short, or too long or with different beads. Create your very own braided bead necklace the way to like, with the beads you prefer, and the length that suits you.


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Handmade Painted Bobby Pin Earrings

Some craft wire, bobby pins, and nail polish will do the trick! Don’t toss away that leftover nail polish! Put it to excellent use!


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Handmade Rope and Pearl Bracelet

String the rope through a copper tube. Use a piece of thread to sew up the pearl beads. Quickly and swiftly fold one end of a rope and create a loop. Use the sewing thread to wrap it. Place the metal ring as well as the lobster clasp on one end of the bracelet. The opposite side should be fit with just a metal ring. Use the pliers to adjust the rings. Your bracelet is ready!


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Handmade Golden Lace Slave Bracelet

Cut a triangle shape from the lace. Mix a bit of white glue together with water, the ratio should be 3ml – 1ml. Use the paint brush to add the glue mixture on the piece of lace. Set it aside to dry for two hours. Measure the chain around your finger. Make sure that it is pretty loose. Form a loop and attach the loop using a jump ring. Do the same with the wrist and use a clasp to attach it. After the lace has dried thoroughly, and it stiffens up, apply the gold paint on it. Two coats will do the trick. Now attach the lace to the chain using jump rings. And you’re done!


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Handmade T-Shirt Bracelet

Just cut strips from an old T-Shirt, braid them together, and wrap everything together for a cool T-Shirt bracelet.


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Handmade Woven Chain Bracelet

Two simple ingredients: colorful embroidery thread and a chain bracelet. Make an unusual, one of a kind embroidery+chain bracelet and your lady friends will envy you for sure.


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Handmade Fringe Earrings

Cute, easy to make and not to mention quite cheap, these fringe earrings will fit perfect with your nice outfit for that future dinner or cocktail party you are planning to attend.


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Handmade Sculpey Bead Necklace

Did you know that polymer clay also has another name: Sculpey?! Sculpey comes in a beautiful variety of colors that you can fold in different shapes and sizes. You can also bake it!


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Handmade Beaded Fringe Necklace

With a few supplies for your local craft store, you can make a cute, easy and cheap beaded fringe necklace. Find out all directions and pattern.


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Handmade Silver Bugle Geometric Necklace

Easy to make with a unique design, this silver bugle geometric necklace will get you stand out. Combined with the perfect outfit, you will look fabulous.


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