10 mason jar projects for you and your home

If you ever thought that mason jars were only good kept in closed cupboards and filled with different ingredients, then you are about to be proved wrong. Because in today’s article we are going to show you 10 unique projects that you can use a mason jar for.

So go in the kitchen right now. Or stay there, if you are checking us out on your mobile during your morning coffee. And just take a peek and think about how many jars do you have lying around. Many unused or maybe ready to be thrown out (hopefully recycled). But instead of going trough all that trouble, we suggest today that you put those jars to a much better use. Of course, using them for the intended purpose of kitchen organization is always something that we encourage.

Mason Jar Projects you are going to love

But why not use these jars to make not only your kitchen neat and pretty? We propose today that you take a look through all of these 10 lovely projects that we have gathered. Because there is sure to be one that you will fall in love with among them. Maybe even more than one. And also, you will not see one boring project on our list. By handpicking these out of dozens of projects, we have kept what we consider to be the most interesting. Not to mention the most fun to try and with the best looking results.

Photo and project via masonjarcraftslove


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Photo and project via masonjarcraftslove


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