Patriotic and Delicious treats made with just a bit of food coloring!

For this upcoming 4th of July celebrations, we are here with a few tips and tricks to help you out. Because we want you to make every holiday memorable. And this year we suggest that you surround yourself with a couple of friends. But no, we are not talking about real people here. We are talking about a few friends that will help you make this 4th of July as unique and beautiful as possible. And these friends are in the form of berries and food coloring.

And these are the 2 ways you can go this year. And we have presented in other articles several recipes that involved red and blue colored berries. Which could so easily be paired up with whipped cream in order to make a beautiful and patriotic dessert.

But in this article, we thought that you’d like to see a different side of the kitchen. To some maybe a little more complex, but with stunning results. As you will be able to see below. And all of these recipes just added a bit of food coloring. Which you will see can add a whole lot to your dessert. So be ready to impress not only your guests, but also yourself. And maybe let us know how it went! We would love to hear or even see some results.


4th of July Cupcake in a Jar

Photo and recipe via thetomkatstudio


Firecracker Cake

Photo and recipe via lovebakesgoodcakes


Red, White, and Blue Cake Roll

Photo and recipe via foodnetwork


Red, White, and Blue Meringues

Photo and recipe via farmgirlgourmet



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