Check out how round windows can immensely improve your home design!

There is something about round windows that we, here at Dipfeed, just love. We haven’t put our finger on exactly what it is yet, but we do have a few reasons lined up. It may be the fact that round windows are not as common nowadays as we’d like them to be. And their rarity may be part of their charm. It may be due to the choices of our modern society. Where straight corners and edges and clear cut lines are considered efficient and a standard of design. Making round windows a thing of the past or even of luxury. Or it just may be that the round shape offers a certain comfort, at least for us.

That comfort from seeing a round shape that is not going to have a dead stop. That does not necessarily have a clear beginning and end. And that seems to be part of the structure instead of an interruption of it. The best example of this we have seen inside The Hobbit movie. Where houses are part of the surrounding nature, rather than a shelter from it. And they include these lovely round windows that seem very in place in the hillside. Those particular designs are everything that we, as society, have moved away from. And what we should be looking forward too. To be part of the earth that gives us life and maintains us alive.

But we can start with small steps. It doesn’t have to be a sudden and complete change in just one step. And today we propose that we start to change our perspective. Start looking with different eyes, and through different windows. Round windows to be more exact. And we would love to hear your opinions and thoughts on the following designs. Let us know in the comments!


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