How to Make a Family Birthdays Calendar

Make an original family birthdays calendar with the help of this awesome tutorial. You can give them away as gifts for your family and friends or just hang them on the wall and brag about you cute craft project. I found the original project on Pinterest, but I’ve adapted the project to my own ideas. The final result is kind of cute being the first birthday calendar that I’ve made. Discover our full tutorial and just have fun! And if you want you can bring your ideas and modifications to these DIY project.

Materials and supplies that you will need: wooden board (I got mine from the craft store). You can use your wooden board if you have around the house. Just make sure that you sand it before using it. You will also need hobby glue, a pair of gloves, two paint brushes, a black marker or any other color you prefer, felt letters, wooden letters. You can also use scrapbooking stickers or Vinyl Lettering. Acrylic paint to paint the wooden letters, round jump rings in different sizes. You can find these rings in craft stores. Don’t forget about the thin wooden oval pieces where you will write all the necessary birthday data.



Before you get started, drill 12 holes for each month in the bottom of the wooden board. Use the acrylic paint and a paint brush and paint the wooden letters. I used green because I love this color! You can use the pair of gloves to protect your hands from the paint. I didn’t use them!


Use the other paint brush and hobby glue and glue the letter on the wooden board. It will look something like this!


Glue also the felt letters using hobby glue. Each initial for each month!


Drill opposite holes into the top and also the bottom of each oval wooden piece. Once all the oval pieces are drilled, use the black or any other color marker and write the name and also the number of the birthday date of every family member. Use the round jump rings to hang each oval under the respected birthday month. Use a bigger one on the bottom of the wooden board and smaller ones to hang the ovals from each other. Now all you have to do is to hang your family birthdays calendar. If you managed to bring this creative idea to life, please share your photo with us!


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