Keep Your Home Clean with these 10 Genius Tips and Tricks

Keeping a home clean involves lots of commitment and effort. Wish you could clean that mattress without getting dust all over the room? Want to clean your home with chemical free products? With the help of these cleaning tips and tricks, you will have a clean house, save a lot of money and time and no speck of dirt will be in your home anymore. Not to mention that you will reduce your workload significantly.

Clean the Stove Burner

A 1/4 cup of ammonia, a ziploc bag, and a sponge will do all the work. Put the stove burner in the Ziploc bag together with the ammonia. Leave it over night! Next day, take the stove burners out of the bag and swipe them with the sponge.


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Rubber Gloves and Pet Hair

A rubber glove will help you get rid of your pet’s hair easily. Rub the glove. The static created will help you get rid of that pet hair from your couch or any other piece of furniture.


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Prevent Sweat Spots with Baby Powder

Before ironing a T-Shirt, sprinkle some baby powder on the collar and underarms. This way you will avoid sweat spots to appear. Is this cool or what?


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Shine Your Tiles and Sinks With Turtle Wax

Shine your tiles and bathroom sink with Turtle Wax. You can use it also for your shower cabinet. Removes all water marks and makes everything shine.


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Clean Your Cast Iron Skillets

Save time and money when it comes to cleaning your cast iron skillets. A little bit of kosher salt, un-buttered Crisco flavor, two raw potatoes, and a towel will do the trick. DON’T use in any way dishwasher or soap! It will damage the skillets.


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Clean the Mattress

Use a Mason jar and mix the following ingredients: a cup of baking soda and five drops of lavender oil. Shake, shake, shake! Add the mixture on the mattress. Leave it for about and hour, an hour and a half. Vacuum! You now have a clean bed!


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A Homemade Cleaning Solution for Your Tub

A spray bottle, blue Dawn liquid detergent (2 X a dozen ounces) and white vinegar. Heat the vinegar in the microwave before pouring into the spray bottle. Mix everything well! Spray the magic cleaning solution on your tub. Your tub will look so fresh!


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Clean Oven with a Non-Chemical Solution

You will need: one cup of water, scouring pad, white vinegar, baking soda, kosher salt, a razor blade, spray bottle. Prepare the non-chemical solution and clean your oven without any effort.


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Clean Kitchen Sink and Disposal

Make your kitchen sink shine and get rid of that bad odor from your sink disposal with some simple tricks: ice, rock salt, cold water and lemon with make your kitchen sink look brand new.


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Take Care of Those Pet Stains

Baking soda and vinegar make a magical couple. Mix them and cover the pet stains with the mixture. Add also a dish on top. Leave it for 10 minutes. Your carpet will look as new once again!


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