10 Amazing DIY Ideas for a Beautiful Herb Garden

I enjoy spending free time in my kitchen trying to cook new recipes! And I love to use those fresh herbs that you can find in the market. But sometimes I just don’t have the time to go and buy fresh herbs that I need so desperately! If you love using fresh herbs for your cooking, don’t store a lot of herbs in your pantry! The herbs will lose all the flavour, and your food won’t have that fresh taste. But instead of going daily to buy those fresh herbs that you love so much, why not build your very own herb garden at home? You don’t need a large garden or a big yard. You just need a bit of space to put your creativity to work and to create that perfect herb garden. Use terra-cotta pots, plastic bottles or mason jars and create that perfect herb garden you’ve always dreamed off! Get inspired with the help of these 11 creative herb garden ideas and I can assure you that you’ll have nothing to lose!!

Mason Jar Herb Garden


Photo & More Details

Hanging Herb Garden


Photo & More Details

Vertical Herb Garden


Photo & More Details

Vertical Herb Garden In Your Kitchen


Photo & More Details

Bottle Herb Garden


Photo & More Details

Recycled Container Herb Garden


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Large Ceramic Tea Cups For An Indoor Herb Garden


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Strawberry Jar Turned Into An Indoor Herb Garden


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Wooden Pallet Vertical Herb Garden


Photo & More Details

Triolife Plant Pyramid Herb Garden


Photo & More Details

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