4 Book Clutch Tutorials that Will Have You Clearing out Your Library

When it comes to books, I can bet that each and every one of us has a few favorites in mind. Even if it’s just one and it’s enough to make you want to read it over and over. Maybe even carry it everywhere with you just so you can remind yourself of those favorite passages. Well, dears, today we have prepared for you a way to take your favorite book with you wherever you go. And this is through the beautiful and simple tutorials that we have for you today on making a book clutch.

Make a book clutch out of your favorite book cover

I know what you must be thinking by this point. And don’t worry. You won’t have to ruin your favorite book just so you can make this tutorial. The idea of these diy is that you can use any old book cover to make them. But that doesn’t mean necessarily destroying your favorite book. Because trust us, we can see how that is inconceivable. But what you can do is one of two things.

First, you can get an older version of your book. And these can be found just about in any old book store, or even online nowadays. So, you can keep you favorite version safe and sound in your library. And you can turn the older, maybe even scruffy looking version, into the clutch of your dreams.

But another way to get through these DIY projects without ripping the book apart would be to fake it. And don’t dismiss this idea just yet, hear us out. If you take a look at the final tutorial in this list, you will see what we mean. Because that’s a way to make a clutch that looks like just made out of a book, without the actual book. Just by printing the image of your favorite cover, you can achieve the same results. And we can bet that no one will notice. Unless you tell them, of course.

So there, we thought of it from both angles. And we are giving you the choice of what to do next. Just pick your favorite tutorial and let everyone know which book made you complete.

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