9 Things You Won’t Not Believe You Can Dip in Chocolate!

When it comes to chocolate, we believe that anything goes with it. And today, in this article, we are going to prove this theory. We have dug up some incredibly delicious and extremely creative recipes from awesome people. And, of course, we came right here to share them with you. But let’s be honest for a second. Not all of these will be unheard of. We have to admit that some of the items on this list you may have even done for yourself. But we promise that there are others that you haven’t tried. Or heard of up until this point.

Why can we cover things in chocolate?

So why do we think that chocolate goes with everything? Well, if we take just a moment and thing about it it’s really quite simple. Because the taste of chocolate is not unique. Right? We have several types, varying from white, to milk, and dark versions. And they are all delicious in their own way and have a unique taste. Because depending on the amount of cocoa, even chocolate can be bitter. Which is what some people like. So, we believe that it is this variety of chocolate that makes it go well with almost anything.

And you will see this in the pictures below. You can make awesome combinations to surprise your guests and their senses. From sweet and bitter (where the chocolate isn’t the sweet one) to sweet and salty. And we can promise that all of these work. They may not all be for everyone, but just give them a try and you just might discover something new about yourself.


Photo and instructions via sallysbakingaddiction


Photo and instructions via thespruce


Photo and instructions via momlovesbaking


Photo and instructions via sugarhero


Photo and instructions via marthastewart


Photo and instructions via notenoughcinnamon


Photo and instructions via thebeachhousekitchen


Photo and instructions via raininghotcoupons


Photo and instructions via thecomfortofcooking


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