6 DIY Book Pages Projects that Will Get You into Recycling

Because what is recycling, after all? Is reusing old materials to make something new. And this is what we propose you do today with your old books. But, more specifically, with your old book pages. In today’s article we are going to focus on projects that we can do with just a couple of book pages. If you want a few ideas on how to reuse old books that you may have around the house, please check out some of our other articles. And the best part is that you can actually combine them. Use this article to learn what to do with the pages and the other ones to learn what you can do with the rest of the book. And we can assure you, it’s worth it.

Reuse, recycle, remodel…book pages

Because we are talking not just any type of paper, but precious and significant pages of a once beautiful book, we feel that we have to pay it the proper respect. And first of all we are doing this through reusing the pages and books in any way possible, instead of just throwing them out. Of course, another option would be recycling. But I’m sure that there are plenty of you who don’t find the time. Because with that option you have to start with sorting them out. After that, you have to pack them up. Then find the time in your day to take them to the recycling center. And that may seem like a bit much for some people.

What we suggest today, is much more simple and to the point. But wait, this doesn’t mean that we don’t support recycling. Because we think of it as one of the most important tools in our everyday life. What we are suggesting, is only that you can save a few of those precious books. And this by simply recycling, re-purposing or reusing them right inside your home. So, we hope you enjoy today’s suggestions and that they end up making a real difference in your home and life.

Storybook Paper Rosettes

Photo and project via 100layercake


Book Page Origami Butterfly

Photo and project via todolwen


Book Page Pumpkin

Photo and project via creationsbykara


Old Book Pages Star Wreath

Photo and project via trash2treasure


Upcycled Book Page Rosettes

Photo and project via doodlecraftblog


Book Page Lamp

Photo and project via roundaboutshop





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