5 Ways to Display Your Books in a Fancy Way

Are you a bookworm? Do you have a pool of books in your bedroom/living room/ any room? Then this is for you! Of course, you can always order shelves or craft your simple book storage wood, but let’s think of something better.
When you have so many things, such as books and even discs or CDs, it would be better if you can organize them in a smart way. Sure, you can place them wherever you see in each room’s corner, but nothing beats a significant space to display your much-loved belongings. Books are to be treasure into your heart, but on the other hand, it’s essential to display them in the fanciest way.

Trees of Books

A very nice minimal way of displaying your books – essential for your kids’ rooms. It’s modern, simple but yet a bit significant  – let’s not be that ironic towards the tree of books!

Via “kdsgn”

Booktree Ash

Book Bench

Wouldn’t it be easier if you can reach your favorite book whenever you fall tired on your comfy bench? Here’s an easy tutorial of how can you build your book bench!


Via “Instructables”

Framed Book Shelf

This idea is perfect for classy readers with a more old fashioned taste. If you own a house with big rooms, this bookshelf is quite essential and not to mention that it’s beautiful and inspiring, especially for the ones that are into fantasy novels. It’s a “reach your new world through the mirror” – type of thing.


Via “Mark Taylor Design”

Book Hanger

The book hanger is perfect to be placed in the middle of the house or apartment. Obviously, it doesn’t storage many books, but it’s a perfect way to storage the books that every member of the family is reading. It’s small; it’s cute, and it’s practical!


Via “Etsy”

Piano Bookshelf

Another classy design for the book gourmands – but also for the crafting lovers. This tutorial will teach you how to do, and you won’t regret it!


Via “Instructables”

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