Luxury on The Road – Your Own Five-Star Hotel

Going on a long vacation could be trickier than expected, especially when it comes to lodging. We get it, you aren’t a hotel/motel person, but on the other hand, you aren’t keen enough to drive your big mobile home, thinking of where to park, how you’re going to take care of it and so on. But in the end, after all, the fidgeting thoughts, there is always a little door to a miracle. And it’s called smaller trailers.

They’re easy to use, easy to park and easy to take care. They’re comfortable, and if you put more effort into them, they can even reach a higher level of a 5-star hotel accommodation!

Via “Vacations in a Can”


The key is to be careful about what you’re going to choose – basically, it’s the same system as if you’re looking for a new house. Focus on the quality, not quantity. There are plenty of different mobile houses from which you can choose, design-wise.


Via “Palazzo Superior”


Via “Palazzo Superior”


Via “Palazzo Superior”

Take a look at this other example of “luxury on the road” and let us know your oppinion!


Via “Neiman Marcus”

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